2017 – What a year

2017 was another great year for Prince George … except for the strange non-visit by the Royals on their BC tour. I mean, come on … Prince George in Prince George … it just writes itself …

2017 did bring continued growth to our downtown. We witnessed even more additions to the growing food & beverage industry with the openings of Crossroads Brewing, North City Donair, Sonar Comedy & Nightclub. And the relocation of Mai Thai to 5th & Dominion. There were also physical exterior renovations done to White Goose Bistro, North 54 and The Celt.
You can also see many new buildings adding to the revitalization with the beautiful Homework store, Commonwealth Financial, BC employee building and the Omineca Arts Centre. Plus city council has approved a new swimming pool and recently announced 2 new building developments for residences in the downtown core.
Positive, positive, positive.

For TCP, 2017 marked our 5 year anniversary.
That’s 5 years of making barbeque in-house!
That’s over 11,250 fresh squeezed lemonades & 7,500 of signature caesar cocktails.
Over 13,000 racks of ribs & over 68,000 lbs of brisket.
Approximately 1,650 days of making sure we get your barbeque just right.

And every single day, someone has come in. And usually more than just 1 ☺
Regardless if it was a hot day, a cold day, or a Monday … you have come in.
You have dressed up for Kentucky Derby parties and stood outside in the rain for our Grand Opening Parties. All 3 of them! You sang with The Tragically Hip & you still attend our Farm-to-Fork social dinners. For all of this – we say “Thank you.”

Thank you – because 80% of all small businesses are not fortunate enough to last this long. About 90% of independent restaurants do not get to celebrate a 5 year anniversary.
In fact, this week alone, both Shiraz restaurant & The Black Donkey café have closed their doors.

5 years of operating any business is difficult – however, when we see you leave with a smile, it all seems worth it. This is why we do it every day. Taking it guest-by-guest and creating every plate and each cocktail with care. Because we want to do this for another 5 years.

As for our next 5 years – they are going to be simply amazing. We have some very exciting plans to share with you. So stay connected to our social media pages & please continue to support locally sourced food and beverages in the #cityofpg.
Without you – there would be no Copper Pig Bbq House.

© 2017 Andrew Strain

“Cheers Everyone”

One thought on “2017 – What a year

  • Jersky

    So awesome Tyler and TCP! It takes a strong will and great acumen to be that successful. We are so proud of you and your care for #downtown. Like no other.

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