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Menu Fun Facts

Do you know The Copper Pig has a brand promise of ‘Real Bbq. Made In-house’? For our chefs this means we use time-honoured cooking techniques, local ingredients, and a commitment to crafting food in-house. The real reason why our dishes taste so wonderful is because our flavours are developed from scratch. We cure 5 different styles of meats – some take 10 days, some take 3 months. From our dry rubs & sauces, to our homemade coleslaw & cornbread and even the gluten free cornbread Continue reading →

Brewing beer in the north.

Last week we took a family vacation up to Terrace and Prince Rupert. I have never been to BC’s Pacific Northwest before, and besides exploring our provincial rivers, lakes and oceans – I also love visiting our breweries. So I took this as an occasion to visit BC’s 2 most northern breweries – Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse in Terrace & Wheelhouse Brewing Co. in Prince Rupert. Both of these breweries are similar in age & share comparable northern struggles of shipping, packaging and entering a region, Continue reading →


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction … This Canada Day I was sitting on my back deck when I first heard about the wildfires around 100 mile house. Although it is wildfire season, you feel for the people of that area. What we didn’t know was that a hazy sky that evening was just the beginning. Just a few days later the evacuations began and I started to see posts and hashtags all over social media. The photos were unbelievable and Continue reading →


Collaboration: 1. The action of working with someone to produce or create something. A positive result of the downtown hospitality boom is the increased creativity & talent level that has been added to the city core. I am delighted to see owners and chefs creating niche venues and for making their fare in-house with local ingredients. Within 2 blocks of TCP, there is a bakery making bread, a brewery making beer, and a donair eatery making poutine. And The Copper Pig Bbq House has collaborated Continue reading →

New Summer Menus

Our food program at The Copper Pig Bbq House is so locally focused we must change our food menus twice a year – to match the seasons and what is available. So for our chefs, the best part of summer in Prince George is the abundance of fun & exciting offerings to create from. As gardens and farms start to produce more herbs, vegetables and fruit – our culinary team has more options available to them. It’s like going from 12 crayons to the 48 crayon box set.  Continue reading →