For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction …

This Canada Day I was sitting on my back deck when I first heard about the wildfires around 100 mile house. Although it is wildfire season, you feel for the people of that area. What we didn’t know was that a hazy sky that evening was just the beginning.
Just a few days later the evacuations began and I started to see posts and hashtags all over social media. The photos were unbelievable and the stories were even more concerning. Then I started to see people with wristbands and seeing a lot more campers, trailers, and motorhomes coming into town. A LOT more.
I think it got real for me when I saw people living in parking lots with nothing but their chest freezers and camping equipment. Families no place to live and probably fearing the worst back home.

And then PG kicked in – The land of volunteers.
Everyone came out to help in some way. Stories of volunteers setting up beds at UNBC. People bringing personal food & clothing donations to CNC. And local residents taking in displaced dogs, cats and horses that could not stay with their families.
Prince George had so many volunteers we needed to have a separate venue just to register. And we had over 400 people lined up the first day!

Our city created a positive from a terrible situation.

I’m proud of how our city & administration handled themselves, the volunteers, and the well over 10,000 evacuees. I’m proud of the camping stores, grocery stores and restaurants who stepped up and offered discounts for anyone who was displaced. I’m proud of all the free promotions and events such as parties in the park, at the rollerdome & even an afternoon of free figure skating lessons.
This is all part of the “New Prince George”.
I love it.
And it turns out the Cariboo interior does too.
As evacuees are allowed to return home this week, I kept hearing stories of how amazing the people of Prince George are. Of what great hosts we are.
Keep it up Prince George.

“Cheers Everyone”