Canada 150

This July 1st marks Canada’s 150th birthday and from backyards, to parks & lakes – there will be parties everywhere. There will be friends and celebrations all weekend long and The Copper Pig Bbq House wants to kick it off that Friday with a Canada 150 Celebration. The music, the beer & of course the menu – will be proudly focused on Canada.

Our lunch and dinner Farm-to-Fork Features will highlight our local farms & gardens with an emphasis on creating real Canadian backyard bbq. Except we won’t be using paper plates.

The centerpiece of the evening will be our 16 seat social table – hosting a communal 5 course dinner of ‘Canadiana’ by representing dishes from across the country. Starting off with a dish of Atlantic lobster and ending with British Columbia’s most famous dessert square. Can you guess?
If you are interested, reserve your seat(s) while you can. We only have 16 seats at our social table & once they are reserved, you will be out of luck. We will also have the event posted on our Facebook page shortly.

Additionally, this day will mark the 1st beer The Copper Pig has assisted in brewing! And what’s more Canadian than beer? This summer ale was brewed on a collaborated with our downtown friends at Crossroads Brewing. We smoked the grain with maple & BC pine to create a roasted, campfire note to the malt. Then Tyler joined Patrick at the Crossroads for a special brew day.
We created a lightly hopped amber ale – with a roasted, slightly smoky malt. We will know more in 3 weeks when it is ready. We brewed enough for 2 casks – 1 each. And we will be tapping ours Friday June 30th. This singular brew will not last the evening. #sogetitwhileyoucan

Just like the entire weekend, and all across Canada, this day is going to be full of celebrating what makes this country so great. Great food & friends.
Please stay connected through our social media for more details.
And happy 150th Canada!



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