Collaboration: 1. The action of working with someone to produce or create something. A positive result of the downtown hospitality boom is the increased creativity & talent level that has been added to the city core. I am delighted to see owners and chefs creating niche venues and for making their fare in-house with local ingredients. Within 2 blocks of TCP, there is a bakery making bread, a brewery making beer, and a donair eatery making poutine. And The Copper Pig Bbq House has collaborated Continue reading →

New Summer Menus

Our food program at The Copper Pig Bbq House is so locally focused we must change our food menus twice a year – to match the seasons and what is available. So for our chefs, the best part of summer in Prince George is the abundance of fun & exciting offerings to create from. As gardens and farms start to produce more herbs, vegetables and fruit – our culinary team has more options available to them. It’s like going from 12 crayons to the 48 crayon box set.  Continue reading →

Canada 150

This July 1st marks Canada’s 150th birthday and from backyards, to parks & lakes – there will be parties everywhere. There will be friends and celebrations all weekend long and The Copper Pig Bbq House wants to kick it off that Friday with a Canada 150 Celebration. The music, the beer & of course the menu – will be proudly focused on Canada. Our lunch and dinner Farm-to-Fork Features will highlight our local farms & gardens with an emphasis on creating real Canadian backyard bbq. Continue reading →

The Canadian Brewhouse

Two months ago I went for dinner at The Canadian Brewhouse … Yes I am a restaurant owner and I still love going out. Especially to the ‘newer’ establishments who are elevating the culinary scene here in the #cityofpg. I write this with hope – not hate. I left feeling very disappointed because I do not feel The Canadian Brewhouse is elevating our industry. Starting with, they do not brew any beers. Only Molson & Labatt make their beers. I understand this is a franchise, Continue reading →

Downtown Softball Challenge

2 years ago The Copper Pig challenged The Twisted Cork to a fun game of softball – and it turned out to be “the best day of summer.” Then last year Nancy O’s joined us and we made a whole day of it. Trophy and all. With the recent hospitality boom happening downtown, we thought it would be proper to invite a few of our new friends for some team bonding & industry building in the sunshine. So this May long weekend, 5 very amateur Continue reading →