Downtown Softball Challenge

2 years ago The Copper Pig challenged The Twisted Cork to a fun game of softball – and it turned out to be “the best day of summer.” Then last year Nancy O’s joined us and we made a whole day of it. Trophy and all. With the recent hospitality boom happening downtown, we thought it would be proper to invite a few of our new friends for some team bonding & industry building in the sunshine. So this May long weekend, 5 very amateur Continue reading →

Keeping it in the family

I had a great conversation last week with an old timer from Cape Breton. (He was here for the Telus Cup hockey tournament). He says when he travels, they only eat at locally owned, independent restaurants. “They’re not cookie cutters” – “You really get to see what a town is truly about”. He was very impressed with TCP’s buy local programs & how much we support downtown. “It’s interesting how ideals come full circle.” … Apparently Nova Scotia has been doing this for 200 years Continue reading →

Spring Inspirations

Wow times flies. Clocks are moving forward and spring is about to arrive … well … eventually … it has to right? Spring always brings a feeling of optimism & new beginnings. Spring in Prince George brings us new offerings from our local farms. Spring also brings us lighter, fresher beers from BC breweries. So The Copper Pig Bbq House is getting in the spirit with a few fun events for March and April. Since March brings us St Patrick’s Day, we are hosting an Continue reading →

Beer Lovers Night

I love beer. I love drinking it & I love making it. I even enjoy just looking at beer labels. I say this because over the holiday I was fortunate enough to do two things ~ First was smoking grain for Wheelhouse Brewing. TCP has used Wheelhouse beers in our cooking numerous times, but this was the 1st time we were able to put our cooking into their beer. This collaboration has been planned since summer & we were able to accomplish this unique smoking Continue reading →

R.I.P. Year 2016

It started January 10th, the day #year2016 took David Bowie from us. I mourned, we remembered & the world replayed his music all day. Then, only 4 days later, Alan Rickman died. And one week later, the entire community of Prince George lost Matt Pearce. I thought how could this be? Who could possibly be next? It turns out #year2016 had a lot more in store for us. I grew up in 80’s & 90’s pop culture. I knew who Grizzly Adams was. I watched Continue reading →