Beer Lovers Night

I love beer. I love drinking it & I love making it. I even enjoy just looking at beer labels. I say this because over the holiday I was fortunate enough to do two things ~ First was smoking grain for Wheelhouse Brewing. TCP has used Wheelhouse beers in our cooking numerous times, but this was the 1st time we were able to put our cooking into their beer. This collaboration has been planned since summer & we were able to accomplish this unique smoking Continue reading →

R.I.P. Year 2016

It started January 10th, the day #year2016 took David Bowie from us. I mourned, we remembered & the world replayed his music all day. Then, only 4 days later, Alan Rickman died. And one week later, the entire community of Prince George lost Matt Pearce. I thought how could this be? Who could possibly be next? It turns out #year2016 had a lot more in store for us. I grew up in 80’s & 90’s pop culture. I knew who Grizzly Adams was. I watched Continue reading →

The restaurant boom

I was recently asked about the new restaurants and pubs opening throughout Prince George. I replied “There have been a lot.” Honestly, I can list over two dozen food and beverage establishments that have opened since The Copper Pig started 4 years ago. Even in the last 2 years alone downtown has seen Black Donkey Cafe, The Black Clover, Cornerstone, Butterfly Eatery, Wings n Things and The Salted Cracker successfully open their operations and have improved the city core. Last month Kask Taproom & Eatery Continue reading →


The movement to revitalize downtown has been taking place for over 10 years and a lot has happened. Little things here and there. Every week I see improvements happening to re-energize downtown. However, real tangible proof takes time. But once you see construction – you realize it really IS happening. And now you can see it everywhere. I have never seen so much construction at once – which is a clear sign the downtown core is taking an upturn. Just within a 5 block radius Continue reading →


October 5, 2016 – it’s been 2 ½ years since the fire next door. And tomorrow I will finally close our insurance claim. Can you imagine 2 ½ years of anything? I’ve had jobs shorter than 2 ½ years. I’ve had relationships shorter than that. In fact, I have a longer relationship with my insurance adjuster than 12 of our current staff members. So 883 days later … what 3 things did I learn? “Sir, insurance accounting is different than business accounting” I feel the Continue reading →