1. The action of working with someone to produce or create something.

A positive result of the downtown hospitality boom is the increased creativity & talent level that has been added to the city core. I am delighted to see owners and chefs creating niche venues and for making their fare in-house with local ingredients. Within 2 blocks of TCP, there is a bakery making bread, a brewery making beer, and a donair eatery making poutine.
And The Copper Pig Bbq House has collaborated with all 3 of these businesses.
Last year we partnered with The Pastry Chef to create a pretzel bun to serve with our barbeque at Kiwanis AleFest. Last month we combined forces with Crossroads Brewing to brew a smoky cask of amber ale for our Canada Day 150 celebrations. And starting this week, TCP has begun a new collaboration with North City Doniar for a Copper Pig pulled pork poutine.
Yep … you can go next door and have a Quebec style poutine that is served with Copper Pig Bbq House smoked in-house pulled pork.
Why do such a thing?
Mark at North City Donair wants to serve “the best pulled pork he can source”. And TCP loves supporting local business. For both of us it’s a #winwin
Plus it’s downtown love.
So please, the next time you’re craving poutine – pop into North City Donair and try their latest pulled pork creation. It’s local & it’s delicious.

“Cheers Everyone”