Downtown Softball Challenge

2 years ago The Copper Pig challenged The Twisted Cork to a fun game of softball – and it turned out to be “the best day of summer.” Then last year Nancy O’s joined us and we made a whole day of it. Trophy and all.

With the recent hospitality boom happening downtown, we thought it would be proper to invite a few of our new friends for some team bonding & industry building in the sunshine. So this May long weekend, 5 very amateur teams took the field and swallowed their pride to represent their respective establishments – Betulla Burning, The Copper Pig, Crossroads, Kask, and Nancy O’s .

    Throughout the day there were some great hits, crazy catches and tons of laughs between teams. And this was the best part – everyone was having fun. Together. Whether on the field or between games, it was enjoyable to spend the day with your peers – people you may not know, but you understand their job and how hard they work at their trade each & every shift. You share a common respect for each other. A camaraderie.

And although only one team got to drink from the cup – we were all winners this day.

Cheers Everyone