Keeping it in the family

I had a great conversation last week with an old timer from Cape Breton. (He was here for the Telus Cup hockey tournament). He says when he travels, they only eat at locally owned, independent restaurants. “They’re not cookie cutters” – “You really get to see what a town is truly about”.
He was very impressed with TCP’s buy local programs & how much we support downtown. “It’s interesting how ideals come full circle.” … Apparently Nova Scotia has been doing this for 200 years … “Back home we depend on supporting each other.”

This is why we focus on buying local. To support each other.

When you choose The Copper Pig, you are not only supporting local owners & staff – You are also supporting our local suppliers.
Its true. For every dollar you spend at TCP, about 80% goes back into the city of Prince George. Towards local suppliers like Shaun at Spotless Cleaners, or Rod at Papyrus Printing, or Kelly at Northern Hardware. We purchase our wood from Glen at Amco Wholesale, uniforms from Kurt at Custom Stitch, and our coffee from Steve at North Roast Coffee.
These are all locally owned and operated businesses.
We purchase ½ cows from Martin at Whispering Winds Ranch and ½ pigs from Michelle at Bioscape Farm – To cabbage from Jennifer at Tutte Farm and lettuce from Matthias at Northern Bioponics.
Even our chartered accountant, our credit union & our insurance company are located downtown.
As Owen from Cape Breton says – “It keeps the money in the family”.
And I feel the same way about downtown. This is why you do not see me at a franchise like Earls or Moxies – And why you will usually find me at one of the many locally owned establishments downtown.
Because it keeps the money in the Prince George family.
So when you chose to go out, we ask you to be like Owen from Cape Breton, and choose The Copper Pig Bbq House.
The entire #cityofpg will thank you.
“Cheers Everyone”