Menu Fun Facts

Do you know The Copper Pig has a brand promise of ‘Real Bbq. Made In-house’?
For our chefs this means we use time-honoured cooking techniques, local ingredients, and a commitment to crafting food in-house.
The real reason why our dishes taste so wonderful is because our flavours are developed from scratch. We cure 5 different styles of meats – some take 10 days, some take 3 months. From our dry rubs & sauces, to our homemade coleslaw & cornbread and even the gluten free cornbread – We do it all in-house.
#funfact – 90% of our menu is gluten free

For our guests, creating our food in-house means our staff is extremely knowledgeable about our menu ingredients. We use locally sourced meat from suppliers and ranchers who we have knowledge of their farms and practices. Our Farm-to-Fork daily features are butchered & prepared in-house, everything from whole rabbits to half a cow.
Also, the simplicity of barbeque is we use very few ingredients, so if you do have an allergy or dietary concern, we know of every ingredient on your plate.
#funfact – We always have a nut-free kitchen

In order to create our amazing coleslaw and garden salads, we need to work closely with local farms. All week you will see growers & gardeners coming in and out our back door with fresh groceries. It’s a food lovers dream.
#funfact – TCP has amazing vegetarian selections
We have two creative vegetarian entrée dishes on the menu that change with the seasons & what is available to us. In addition to our plentiful salads, we offer baked mac n’ cheese and a truly unique caesar salad sandwich. We also offer halloumi cheese or grilled vegetables kebobs.

#funfact – Barbeque is healthy
It’s not just the fresh ingredients we use – it is also how we cook our food.
We cook our food slowly in its own natural juices and over a flame. We do not sauté in oils or use heavy butter sauces on your plate – meaning there is no fat added to your meals. Truthfully, we barely even use our deep fryer … except for our signature Shasta Chips … which are gluten free and absolutely amazing.

So next time you have concerns or wish to know more about what you are eating, please ask our knowledgeable staff or talk to our chefs at the open kitchen – where the real magic happens.

“Cheers Everyone”