Our Foundation

The Copper Pig Bbq House is an original concept built solely for downtown Prince George. We want to bring people and fun back to the heart of the city AND we want to contribute and give profits back to our community. We are two sides of a coin. We want to be to be industry leaders by setting the example of how entrepreneurs can play a role in developing their communities. TCP will continuously strive to create a business of profit and place downtown. This is why we established The Piggy Bank Foundation.
fund raisingOur desire is to provide a source of positive growth by putting profits and donations into yearly projects of improvement for downtown Prince George. This is one of our ways of re-investing into the growth of our community. Within our first year of operations, we raised over $3,000 towards purchasing and installing bike racks throughout the central core.
We chose bicycle racks because we wish to encourage people to ride downtown to work, or shop, and eat. We also feel that bike racks will help show pride in our neighbourhood, and provide a unique offering to downtown. The Copper Pig Piggy Bank Foundation is our opportunity to do some good deeds outside of the restaurant and to give back to those of you who support us.

Funding for The Piggy Bank Foundation is raised through a variety of ways. We are able to create awareness and funds through events inside & outside of our walls. We are willing to fundraise anywhere! Sometimes it’s as simple as ordering from our menu. For each Bbq Share Platter & Piggy Bank Margarita sold, a donation is made to our Piggy Bank. As our business grows, so will our abilities to do so much more. Our only limitations are our imaginations.
To learn more about our philanthropic endeavours, or how to partner with us in order to leverage our contributions – please contact our wonderful team at the restaurant.