TCP Shasta Chips

The #1 question I hear at The Copper Pig is … What’s a Shasta Chip?
Well, the easiest answer is – a homemade potato chip. My favourite answer is – they are our signature handmade barbeque chips. And we are sure proud of them.
Everyday, no matter the time, or the shift, you can find potatoes being washed, sliced or fried. Honestly, every day we slice potatoes. Over 200 lbs a week! When they are ordered, the chips are fried and lightly seasoned with our in-house Shasta seasoning. And that’s how it’s done.
Made In-house.
But why are they called Shasta Chips?
You will find imitations at other establishments – but you can only get a Shasta Chip at The Copper Pig Bbq House. This is because our building used to be the Shasta Café. One of the busiest restaurants downtown Prince George has ever seen. And when we chose this building to be our bbq home, we wanted to honour the history of our industry in Prince George.
So we created something original and named them ‘Shasta Chips’. And you will find them all over our menus. They are a favourite item for take-out, a favourite side for our sandwiches, and even a bigger favourite of our staff.
So the next time you are at TCP – make sure you try our signature potato slices.
Our Shasta Chips.
I’ll bet you can’t eat just one.

“Cheers Everyone”