Giving Thanks

This is a weekend for saying ‘Thank You”.
In an industry of ‘making everyone happy’, it’s tough to always get it right. And even though sometimes we fall short, you still return. And for that the entire staff and management would like to say thank you. Without you – our guests, there would be no TCP.
I would also like to especially say thank you to a few people who constantly & consistently support us:

Thank you to the parents of little ones. Some of you bring car seats, some bring booster seats, and some parents just hold & rock their children. To all of you who do return downtown for our wonderful barbeque regardless of not having highchairs. Thank you.

Also thank you to our Monday & Tuesday patrons. These are usually the restaurant foodies, the travellers, or the individuals who are here for business. You fill TCP on our slower nights and we love you for it.

Thank you to every guest who stays until hearing “last call”. No matter the restaurant, the pub or the bar … you may not like the news, however thank you for understanding. You are a valuable addition to our late nights and you are appreciated. Thank you and see you tomorrow.

Thank you to all guests for understanding we cannot give everybody a booth. These tables are like Boardwalk & Park Place and are not easy to come by on a Friday or Saturday night. We have a seating plan and it’s one big puzzle every night. Thank you for understanding and working with us.

Thank you to the visitors who car pool or take a taxi downtown. I stand firm that we do not have a parking problem downtown – but that we have a driving problem. By planning ahead, you help alleviate this perception. Also it’s safer. And better for our planet. So thank you three times.

A large portion of our social atmosphere is our upbeat music. If the music is too loud or too funky, thank you for your understanding. Our music is a big reason why everyone else is enjoying their experience.

To Mr. Budweiser and Mrs. Coors Light, we do not apologize for only carrying BC beer, however your willingness to try a craft lager or a session ale is appreciated. Thank you for #drinkinglocal and #supportinglocalcraftbeer

Also a shout out to those of you who do not eat at The Copper Pig, but do support us. We see you online and on social media … commenting, liking and sharing. This does mean a lot. Please keep it up. Thank you – we love it.

Thanks to those of you who come in for dinner before Nancy O’s, or come in for cocktails after having some beers at Crossroads. You’re out there doing it & and having fun. And we love nothing more. Thank you.

While I am at it, thank you to all the other hospitality workers who fight the good fight every day & night. Thank you for the communal support and downtown love. We are building something special together.

And finally, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who shops local. When you choose The Copper Pig, you are not only supporting local owners and staff – you are also supporting our local suppliers. Because for every dollar you spend at TCP, about 80% goes back into the city of Prince George.
So thank you, thank you, thank you & Happy Thanksgiving to all our bbq family.

“Cheers Everyone”