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Two months ago I went for dinner at The Canadian Brewhouse … Yes I am a restaurant owner and I still love going out. Especially to the ‘newer’ establishments who are elevating the culinary scene here in the #cityofpg.
I write this with hope – not hate. I left feeling very disappointed because I do not feel The Canadian Brewhouse is elevating our industry.

Starting with, they do not brew any beers. Only Molson & Labatt make their beers. I understand this is a franchise, but I had my fingers crossed for a ‘guest tap’ from a local brewery.
Correction. I was hoping they were a brewhouse.
The food program is equivalent. I know kitchens, and this style of menu (from the ingredient sourcing to the cooking techniques) is very comparable to Boston Pizza – who our local Prince Gastronome once wrote – is similar to an assembly line.
And I am not stating this concept style is wrong, however, as a foodie, I was disappointed.
So I watched online to find out what Prince George would have to say. As I followed, I noticed their staff commenting on their reviews. I figured it would fade out … but it didn’t. And I still see it happening. But over the May long weekend – the dots got connected.
I heard from a former staff member that The Canadian Brewhouse rewards their staff with incentives of prizes and trips for positive online posts. This is why I see the PG staff and their Facebook friends all over the review sites. Liking, commenting and sharing.
Is this fair? Are you surprised?
Can you blame them? The hospitality industry has to be the most heavily critiqued industry I can think of. But don’t try to fool us Canadian Brewhouse.
I am not saying this business model is incorrect. I just wish ‘average’ is not the expectation of Prince George. I am also hoping future franchises such as Montanas or Browns Socialhouse do not open with the same philosophy of what works in Calgary or Vancouver will guarantee success here.
I have spent 25 years in the hospitality industry and I feel strongly that the culinary scene in Prince George has turned that proverbial corner. Partially due to the fact the ‘newer’ restaurants are creating such high standards. Over the past few years, the local restaurateurs have worked diligently with home-grown sources to create a strong industry for small and large communities alike. And we need your support. We need all restaurants to continuously raise their standards.
However, this could be just me.
I am curious to hear your thoughts Prince George.

Cheers Everyone


22 thoughts on “The Canadian Brewhouse

  • Melani Bartoshewski

    Hahaha “Social House” 😉
    Tyler I really loved your review. I think you shouldn’t be discouraged by the influx of places like CBH.
    PG still has a thriving (and growing) culinary scene! Your fantastic restaurant is helping to elevate that scene.
    Living in Calgary and the lower mainland I think PG is doing just fine with the ratio of awesome local and independent businesses vs. chain restaurants.
    Keep doing you and know that you are killing it!
    #stillthinkaboutyourcornbread #bestbbqincanada #pgrepresent

  • Lana

    I have been to your restaurant and the service I received from you was sub par. You were not friendly at all when we arrived and then sat us. Both times I have eaten there the food was just okay. I don’t find the Brewhouse that exciting either and good and atmosphere not great. I find this review in poor taste coming from you a restaurant owner.

  • Dean

    The bottom line is not to worry about what the other guys are doing , shady practices or not. It is to focus on doing the best you can and if the results are good people will take notice over time and make the right choice.
    If we harness the energy we use worrying about the other people and apply it to better ourselves then were doing the right thing and people will see why we are better at what we do .

  • Dean

    We should not focus on what the other people are doing , shady or not but harness the energy we use worrying about them and apply it to bettering ourselves.
    If we do that and genuinely create a better experience over time people will take notice and make the right decision for the right reasons

  • trevor

    I have found the brewhouse to be a very good experience with friendly staff and a great atmosphere. The rooftop patio is amazing and decor inside is second to none. The location and parking are awesome. Sounds like sour grapes to me if your restaurant is so great and this place is so poor dont worry the public will speak.

  • Martina Irvine

    What people need to keep in mind is that TCB is a chain. They are not the passion of local individuals. They have their own way of doing things and for someone who just wants “the usual” they are fine for that. For someone who wants more, different, locally sourced, they will make their way to the ones that provide that.

  • Justmyopinion

    I think it’s in really poor taste for a restraurant owner to point out the faults of a new franchise. You’re local, they’re not. They don’t have to do things your way and you don’t have to like it. But posting your opinion about it in such a public form is very unprofessional. Sounds like you’re a little butt hurt that the brewhouse is getting so much attention. We live in a hockey city. The canandian brewhouse is a sports pub for those hockey lovers to gather around, yell at the TV when there’s a shitty play or call, and have an abundance of people around them doing the same thing. You are not a sports pub. So why even compare yourself or other local places to this franchise? You’re making yourself look petty and like a jealous high schooler. I think it would be in your best interest to remove your post.

  • Aaron

    Tyler, I think you are right on the money. It’s not right for employees to review the place they work at and then get some sort of incentive. It makes any review baseless. As someone who frequents far too many restaurants, I also agree that it is disappointing when you go to a “brewhouse” and they don’t brew or they don’t feature local brews. Thanks for showing respect in your critique of CBH, as there are far too many haters that don’t realize that you can state an opinion, positive or negative, and and be respectful about it. And to justmyopinion: re-read the post. Not once is Tyler comparing his restaurant. Not once is he saying thay CBH is crap or anything of the sort. Simply stating disappointment in a franchise that is doing things the same old way they always have done.

  • Lisa

    This is a silly review. If you want high-end steak, organic veggies, locally grown, you to a restaurant that offers that. If you want a fun, loud, high energy sports bar, with tons of options for drinks, and above par pub-like food, you go to the Brewhouse. How boring it would be to have all restaurants the same, offering the same food and atmosphere I wouldn’t go to a fast food burger joint and be disappointed I didn’t get a fancy meal then write a crappy review. Your expectations were obviously off the mark. Im sure your restaurant is good too but probably not in the same category as this one. Personally I think the Brewhouse is fantastic and exactly what PG needs. Its success so far is astounding, you can’t argue with that. Good on them. Welcome to PG Brewhouse.

  • Ashley

    I have only been to your restaurant once, and won’t go back as the service I received was terrible and food wasn’t great. I’ve been to the brewhouse a number of times and never received anything less then exceptional service even when every table was full and the waiting line was 45 minutes long. I dont go out to a restaurant for expencive fancy organic local food, or Local beer (which is disgusting by the way and wouldn’t drink it if it was free). I just want a good cheap burger, a drink I already know I like, and to simply have a good time with the company I’m with. Bashing a new business might not have been your intention, but that’s what I took from it. I will add it to the list of reasons I won’t recommend yours.

  • Chantel

    I went to the copper pig once, never again. Service wasnt bad but wasnt great, the food wasn’t anything worth writing home about. Ive been to the brewhouse a few times and its been great everytime. They arent cheap on toppings on anything or portions. Prince George needs more restaurants like them. Service has been great no matter how busy it has been. This looks bad on you, cant try to bring others down to make yourself feel better.

  • Jodi

    I’ve only ever had takeout to the Canadian brewhouse but it has become my fav restaurant! Their bacon wrapped jalepenos and quesadillas are amazing. As an incentive of learning of good service is great! It makes them work harder so the customer is happy. I’ve only ever been to the copper pig once and to tell you the truth I don’t remember anything about except that the menu was very limited and my food wasn’t great. I hope TCB sticks around!

  • Misty

    I’m almost positive you’re going to regret writing this review. This will not sit well with others in the industry I’m sure. Way to blackball yourself

  • Tyler

    Thank you for the comments. All points are great and no opinions are wrong. The blog was not intended to deflate Canadian brewhouse – but to shine lite on their marketing strategies. Not their atmosphere or service.
    Please support all restaurants in our city & thank you for reading and sharing.

  • Tyler

    Thank you all for the comments. All points are great and no opinions are wrong. The blog was not intended to deflate Canadian brewhouse – but to shine lite on their marketing strategies. Not their atmosphere or service.
    Please support all restaurants in our city & thank you for reading and sharing.

  • Justathought

    I don’t drink our local crappy beer so doesn’t bother me none, CBH delivered on St.Pattys day that place was lit up, total my generation atmosphere, I will never forget that night because I had a blast, and that’s what makes me come right back to the brewhouse. Go to crossroads people…. people just expect what THEY want out of a place all the time well news flash… not everything is made to PLEASE everyone so if you don’t like it, don’t go, AND FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO GET YOUR CRAPPY LOCAL BEER, like I don’t know… A LIQOUR STORE 🙄

  • mich

    It is a terrible establishment. I get the feeling the staff all have esteem issues and the hosting staff got their training from ‘the game’. Reviews are strange. I agree that I hope new comers who want to know what is good around town aren’t fooled by the fake reviewing they do and then think this is an accurate representation of what our town thinks is acceptable. It is a tacky version of Boston pizza and definitely not a brewhouse. I’m not interested in watching the male staff in blue golf shirts wander around the girls in the low cut shirts and tiny skirts hoping for drunk horny tips.

  • Tyler

    Misty – I do regret that my blog has upset people. This was not my intent. Canadian Brewhouse is not a terrible establishment and I have heard positive comments on their personable service & atmosphere. I did not mean for my writing to come off as a review, although it does read that way. Very few businesses can be everything to everyone and we all need our niches. I genuinely wanted to know what people had to say, and I thank everyone for sharing. The conversation is worth noting.

  • L

    Extremely petty review, no need to be butt-hurt due to lack of business. As far as I know, one of your own had worked at CBH the first few weeks and you made them quit..? I’ve received nothing but excellent service at CBH, yes staff recieve incentives but not based on their own reviews on social media but get reviews from actual guests. I don’t see the problem with that, I had a great time and did not mind writing my server a great review. Acknowledging good behaviour brings it out more often. As for the Copper Pig, based on your petty review, I will not enter your establishment.

  • Shirley & Mike

    We review Vancouver cafes and see plenty of chains (local and international). Our philosophy is that we support local because every dollar you spend gets reinvested back into your neighbourhood economy. There are local chains that are great too, not only because they reinvest back into the local economy, but because they understand what customers like.

    It does disappoint us when people will consistently head to an international chain. Yes a big chain is an easy choice (lots of staff, convenient, same menu at every location). But quite honestly if every customer tried a local alternative, they would probably be excited at what’s better out there.

    Thanks for your post, which isn’t offensive. You’re just bravely speaking up for local, and more people should:)

  • Jesse Grillo

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